Keep your Air Ducts Clean for Improved Air Quality

A professional air duct cleaning will benefit you in many ways, like saving money and reducing dust and other allergens. If you keep your air ducts clean, your indoor air quality will be greatly improved. Young children are particularly susceptible to the health issues that can be caused by dirty air ducts which can be avoided by having a simple professional air duct cleaning performed.

Change Your Air Filters

You do not need to be an HVAC technician to swap out your air filters. As long as you can easily remove the filter, you should be able to put one back in. Remove your filters and take them to your local hardware store where you can ask an employee to find replacements for you. Change out your air filters often to help keep your air ducts clean for a healthier home. It might seem like a bit much to do this more than once each month, but if your home or area is particularly prone to dust, it’s possible that this is the way to go. Swap out old air filters for new ones at least once every season. You might want to have your vents inspected if you’re not sure whether you need a deep cleaning of your vents and a change of filters.

The Cost of an Air Duct Cleaning

During the slower seasons, you may be able to get your air ducts cleaned professionally for around $100, and doing so will result in a tremendous benefit to your indoor air quality. Ducts collect dust mites, allergens, and other particles that can cause asthma in children and numerous other health issues. It’s also quite easy to have your air ducts cleaned. The professionals have a number of methods they can use to take care of your ducts and vents, which involve using a vacuum, and at times a brush, to clear out the dust from your air ducts. This will not only help to improve your family’s overall health, it will also do wonders for your HVAC system’s ability to operate efficiently.

Mold and Indoor Air Quality

If you have your air ducts cleaned regularly, you may even be able to take care of household mold issues. You probably won’t have trouble seeing mold in your shower or in your basement, but mold can hide in your air ducts and then become airborne. This can cause health problems for your family members, particularly younger children. Without a professional air duct cleaning, you’ll never know whether there is mold lurking in your air ducts or not.

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