Competitive Pricing

Prices are based on the home being ready for an inspection.  If the property is vacant or the utilities are not on, power and water need to be on 12 to 24 hours prior to the inspection. The main water supply needs to be turned on by the owner or listing agency. Gas appliances and or pilot lights need to be on and ready to be operated via normal operating controls. Stored items need be removed from inhibiting access to the attic entry and electric panels. The home inspector cannot operate/properly inspect items that are off at time of inspection. If you are uncertain of these conditions, please ensure that the real estate agent(s) and/or the homeowners have prepared the home for an inspection. This is an industry standard to help prevent additional inspection fees and or time delays.

My pricing reflects a high level of service and my commitment to looking out for your best interest. I typically only do one home inspection per day and take the time is necessary to provide you with the information you need to move forward with your real estate transaction. My inspection services are offered for buyers pre-closing, pre-listing, new construction and warranty inspections. Please call with any questions. My service extends beyond the inspection. I am available to answer questions after you have received the report, and you can contact me anytime in the future to discuss questions or concerns.


Up to 1999 Sq. Ft  $375.00
2000 – 2499 Sq. Ft $400.00
2500 – 2999 Sq. Ft $425.00
3000 – 3499 Sq. Ft $450.00
3500 – 3999 Sq. Ft $475.00
4000 – 4499 Sq. Ft $500.00
4500 – 4499 Sq. Ft $525.00
5000 – 5499 Sq. Ft $550.00
5500 – 5999 Sq. Ft $575.00
Over 6000 Sq. Ft call for quote


Up to 1,499 Sq. Ft $325.00
1500 – 1999 Sq. Ft $350.00
2000 – 2499 Sq. Ft $375.00
Over 2499 Sq. Ft call for pricing

Inquire in regards to any additional fees for age of structure, crawlspaces, detached structures, reinspection, etc.
All prices subject to change.

Termite Inspection – $90.00 I will arrange a termite inspection for you with a reputable company.

Mold Testing – $375.00 with home inspection. $425 as a standalone service. Both include three samples.

Radon – I only use electronic monitoring equipment. $150.00 with inspection. $200.00 as a standalone service.

Gas Leak – $65.00 with inspection.

Water – Not offered at this time. I’m working with the lab to try to get better prices.

All prices are subject to change.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are not fully satisfied with the performance of the inspector by the end of the on-site inspection, attended by you, the client, you may terminate the contract and you will not be charged for the inspection or we will refund your money for the cost of the home inspection.

Home Inspections and Beyond accepts all major credit cards and you can pay online using our secure server!

You can pay for your home inspection by major credit card.
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