Home Inspections and Beyond

Home Inspections

My thorough and unbiased home inspections include a well put together report with photographs of noted deficiencies and their location. They meet or exceed the North Carolina standards of practice and by design and are user-friendly. Please read more about the North Carolina standards of practice at this link. The general home inspection includes the major systems and components of the home. This service is available for existing or new built homes, for home buyers (pre-purchase inspections) and for home sellers (pre-listing inspections) and also for end of warranty for new homes (end of warranty inspections).

Home Inspections and Beyond

Mold Inspection and Testing

My mold inspection and testing services are available with or without a home inspection. If you have seen mold-like substances or are concerned about the presence of mold, proper mold inspection and testing which includes air sampling and sending the results to the lab is the only way to determine if mold is present, the types and concentrations of mold, and whether these molds are harmful to your health. I am not just a sample taker. I have a mold certification and experience with water intrusion analysis. I am an independent third-party and do not provide or have any affiliation with mold remediation companies. My interest is your health and well-being. Please read more about mold under the indoor air quality section link.

Home Inspections and Beyond

Radon Testing

Although radon is not prevalent in the Brunswick County area of North Carolina, elevated levels have been recorded in New Hanover County, according to the North Carolina radon program. If you are concerned about radon and would like radon testing of the air or the water please inquire about these services. Home Inspections and Beyond only uses full-time electronic monitors for testing for radon in the air. Please read more about radon in the indoor air quality section link.

Home Inspections and Beyond

Gas Leak Testing

Natural gas and propane are flammable and explosive. We have all seen the stories in the news about gas leak explosions. If you have smelled gas or are concerned about gas leaks, I provide testing. Please read more about gas leaks under the indoor air quality link.

Home Inspections and Beyond

Water Testing/Sampling

Generally referring to private wells. According to the Brunswick county department of health the most common private or well water tests are: Potability- which tests for bacteria and minerals. Followed by testing for Nitrates, Chemicals, Pesticides and Petroleum. If you are purchasing a home with a private well, water testing is recommended. I recommend talking to the Brunswick county department of health for any suggestions or known contaminants in the area of the home you are buying.

I understand they provide some type of water testing services. I am not presently offering these services because of the high fees associated with the out of area lab. You can find out more about water testing at this link.

Other subjects of interest including: Do we need to test city water supply?, carbon monoxide CO, and volatile organic compounds VOCs can be found in the indoor air quality link.

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